Awards and Praise – Veronelli wines

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I vini di Veronelli

Veronelli Wines 2019 of Gold Guide pages do not contain only months of work by the Editor and a whole year of tastings by the curators Gigi Brozzoni, Marco Magnoli and Alessandra Piubello.

The real protagonists of the volume are the wines produced by the best Italian winemakers, evaluated according to a clear scale in cents and communicated through a detailed symbolism.

With this new step in the long journey undertaken by the Veronelli Seminar, alongside the wine sector, we hope to have harvest, for the benefit of the professional reader as well as the simple passionate, the best that Italian winemakers have produced.

I vini di Veronelli

Wine Vintage Score Edition
Aglianico del Taburno Riserva
2009 2019